Entrepreneur Ayman Kaddoura – The Founder of Bridge Technology

October 19, 2022

When you look at the Instagram of Ayman Kaddoura you can easily misunderstand him as one of those sassy Instagram models when in reality Ayman is one of the most influential entrepreneurs of Dubai. Born on 1 January 1988, this Palestinian entrepreneur, web developer, and digital marketing expert is the founder of “The Bridge Technology”, a digital marketing agency that specializes in website development, content creation, talent management, social media management, voice-overs, and digital marketing.

Whiz Entrepreneur Kaddoura is regarded as the leading social media specialist for his expertise in obtaining internet traction for his clients. Kaddoura is an expert in marketing, advertising, app development, web development, and business development, as well as providing new business ideas. He’s worked with many celebrity clients and has a rather huge network that allows brands and enterprises to get rapid visibility. For his rapid up-climb into celebrity-ship, Ayman has been featured in several leading media outlets including The Cowboy Channel, Time Bulletin, Daily Advent, Apsters Media, WBOC, RFDTV, and others.

Unlike many others, the early life of entrepreneurship Kaddoura hasn’t been very easy, but he kept on grinding until he could achieve his dreams. Kaddoura started his career in 2007 as a sales executive for 2 years at “Al Masar General Trading”. Then he served as a general manager for over two years at “My Media Consultancy” where he was responsible for directing, promoting, and coordinating the cooperative’s operations to maximize savings, improve the overall efficiency and get greater ROI. In the year 2013 Kaddoura became a CRM agent for “CRM Middle East”. He had to ascertain that the consumer is satisfied with the quality of luxury cars like BMW, Audi, and Range Rover’s service centers. Thereafter in 2014 Kaddoura started working for Audi and Volkswagen customer care center, and then finally a year later, putting to work all his substantial experience he became a freelance marketing personality.

Entrepreneur Kaddoura has used his skills to turn a number of small firms into global behemoths. He also acts as a mentor to young entrepreneurs, providing them with experienced advice on the issue. Kaddoura seeks to take new enterprises to new heights and help them gain online traction. In 2018, Kaddoura founded his dream marketing agency by the name “The Bridge Technology”, due to his contacts and experience it was not very long before he rose to heights.

Entrepreneur Kaddoura believes in giving back the society in form of guidance and training and he is very active on his social media where he keeps on sharing tips and tricks for a better entrepreneurial life. He is also the author of Social Media: A Blessing and A Curse, which was published last year 2021. You can follow him on Instagram where he has a community of whooping over 740k followers.

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