Ayman Kaddoura talks about the importance of video content

Ayman Kaddoura talks about the importance of video content

October 19, 2022

Ayman Kaddoura is one of the most prominent faces in the world of digital marketing in Dubai. In his career span, he has worked with many established brands on an international level and has managed to garner attention in the industry. One of the most interesting aspects of Ayman’s growth is how quickly he adapts to the changes in the world of digital marketing.

In the recent few years, digital marketing has seen a tremendous amount of growth with video content. Ayman Kaddoura himself uses different forms of social media LinkedInInstagramTwitterFacebookYoutube and utilises digital content.

“I feel that the most tricky part of the digital marketing campaigns is picking the right video content. With the arrival of apps like TikTok of features like Instagram reels, consumers are opting for more and more video-based content. This is the reason why you have to look for content that is not only present people in the form of the text but also can be treated as a video. The problem is that people don’t recognise how important it is to grow with the new trends in the industry, ” shares Ayman Kaddoura.

Ayman has spent a lot of time preparing himself with the latest pieces of information about the industry. This is the sentiment that Dubai based digital entrepreneur and the founder of The Bridge Technology believes in. During his career, he has taken up different roles and responsibilities but one thing that remains common through it all is the fact that has helped him to grow.

Today, he holds several certifications that include an Advanced Professional Course in Digital Marketing from DigiGYAN Institute of Professional Training. He passed the Social Media Marketing Certification Exam in PDIUM.

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