Ayman Kaddoura – A Man Known For His Digital Marketing Expertise

Ayman Kaddoura – A Man Known For His Digital Marketing Expertise

October 19, 2022

Ayman Kaddoura, the Founder of The Bridge Technology and marketing and web development expert based in Dubai, was born on January 1, 1988.

He has been quietly making his way up the ladder of success in the competitive world of internet marketing, online promotions, website and app development, and other related fields. He decided to branch out into the field of internet marketing.

In the year 2011, he and his team’s expertise in driving engagement, client retention, and generating high-converting traffic, as well as the extensive range of services they provide, distinguish their company as a one-stop-shop for everything digital.

From the building of the website to the marketing and promotional activities that follow, Ayman and his team have established themselves as a top-tier vendor.

Portfolio of Ayman Kaddoura

After getting valuable expertise in a variety of industries, ranging from customer service and sales to management, Ayman decided to delve into the thriving internet market in 2011, launching his own company.

Along the way, he worked with a number of reputable clients, including TI Style, a personal grooming brand located in the United States, and Fast Building Contract Company in the United Arab Emirates, for whom he developed the website and handled marketing. Another well-known customer was the International Telecommunications Union (ITU).

Certifications from Recognized Organizations

As a result of her education and experience, Kaddoura has earned various certifications, including an Advanced Professional Course in Digital Marketing from the DigiGYAN Institute of Professional Training.

The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) also recognized him with an Honor of Service award for his contributions.

As part of her PDIUM certification, Kaddoura also passed the Social Media Marketing Certification Exam. His previous employer, My Media Consultancy, also recognized him with an Award of Experience in recognition of his outstanding performance.

The Aim Behind The Bridge Technology

Ayman achieves outcomes with The Bridge Technology, and the overall goal is to increase engagement. The greater the level of engagement, the better the outcomes and the value received by a company.

A number of marketing methods are also used to provide online tech support, maintenance, and intelligent consulting services.

Ayman has worked in a variety of industries in the past, including sales, customer relationship management, and management. In Dubai, where he was born and raised, he attended the American Private School before completing his engineering degree Dubai.

He went on to gain competence in a wide range of online talents, including SEO, Adwords, Analytics, PPC campaigns, social media promotions, and third-party content distribution, to name a few examples.

Ayman’s clients, who include entrepreneurs, start-ups, and established business owners, are enthusiastic about his shown abilities and outcomes.

Ayman, on top of everything, is aware of the opportunities that exist and is capable of experimenting with the appropriate techniques and methods to get desired results.

Secret Behind Ayman’s Success

We all know that there is always a secret behind every success. So the secret of Ayman’s success is very different from others. Here is how he explains it:

“My results have been achieved with the help of powerful marketing strategies. I also show my clients exactly what they need to do to achieve ongoing, amazing results”.


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