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Ayman Kaddoura (born 1 January 1988) an entrepreneur and investor. He is the founder of The Bridge Technology. Kaddoura is regarded as one of the leading social media specialists for his expertise in obtaining internet traction for his customers. Kaddoura is an expert in advertising, app development, and business development, as well as providing new business ideas. He’s worked with a slew of high-profile clients, establishing a huge network that allows brands and enterprises to get rapid visibility. He is also social media thought leader and published Author of Social Media: A Blessing and A Curse. In this book he discuss the challenges that social media brings into our lives while looking at fresh perspectives into unending opportunities that it also presents.

  • Email : info@aymankaddoura.com
  • Location : UAE , Dubai
  • Date of birth : 1 January 1988

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UAE , Dubai